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Swift Aircraft Management has a ternary approach to safety that includes meeting industry requirements, meeting FAA and international requirements and then combining these rigorous safety standards with a seamless presentation of world-class customer service.

We are one of 65 out of 1000 135 Operators in the US to have achieved IS-BAO Registered Stage 2 status. Our IS-BAO Rating, combined with our Argus Platinum Rating, places us in roughly the top 5 percent of all operators! Keep reading to learn more.

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We are an IS-BAO Registered Stage 2 Operator

We are very proud of this accomplishment! It is a testament to our team’s commitment to safety and their ability to work together to establish a strong safety culture for our operation. Our leadership and employees continually promote an environment where every team member contributes to the success and improvement of our Safety Management System. IS-BAO is a voluntary standard of best practices and we chose to pursue this feat to demonstrate our dedication to safety and professionalism to our clients and colleagues.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, or IS-BAO, is a code of best practices that serves as the gold standard for business aviation around the world. It was developed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) in 2002 and has been endorsed by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

There are three stages to the IS-BAO process, with each level signifying a greater level of achievement within the business.

STAGE 1 of IS-BAO indicates that an appropriate Safety Management System (SMS) has been established.

STAGE 2 ensures that safety risks are being effectively managed.

STAGE 3 is awarded when safety management has become a fully engrained part of the company’s culture, and a positive culture of safety management has been sustained over time.

We are an ARGUS Platinum Rated Charter Operator

Swift IS-BAO Stage 2 Award

ISBAO Stage 2 Presentation at NBAA Las Vegas October 2019. Clockwise Howard Phillips – BDU Swift Aircraft Management (SAM), Bennet Walsh – IS-BAO Program Director, Daniel Devraignes – IS-BAO Audit Manager, Bonny Phillips – Charter/Sales Manager SAM

ARGUS Platinum is the most recognized symbol of quality and operational excellence in the world! Aviation leaders rely on ARGUS for accurate, real-time data and assurance. The platinum audit process, although challenging to prepare for, is the absolute best way to to evaluate and challenge a carrier’s Safety and SMS processes, procedures and practices.

ARGUS provides charter customers with a comprehensive analysis of a company’s credentials specific to a trip and assures that your flight has not been brokered to another operator without your knowledge. ARGUS provides you with a charter company’s safety score and the pilots’ experience in this airplane type, certification and type ratings, the pilots’ record of accidents, incidents and enforcement actions.

To award a Platinum Rating, aviation services company ARGUS International Inc. conducts comprehensive research on a company’s fleet operations. It compiles historical safety records, performs aircraft and pilot background checks, and administers an on-site safety audit to determine whether an operator meets or exceeds the ARGUS Platinum standard.

The Platinum Rating is awarded when an operator meets all rating requirements and within the preceding 24 months has passed an ARGUS audit to its rigorous standards. It is awarded only to those air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of a viable Safety Management System and industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.

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